For Parents

Parents and other adults in carer roles within the home are empowered by specialized sessions with therapists and professional staff to learn how to support the needs of each child while extending the therapy beyond the hours of the classroom to offer a fully rounded, and holistic approach.

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For Professionals

The Registered Behaviour Technician (RBT) is a paraprofessional certification in behaviour analysis, which every staff member at Sanad is required to take.

After graduating from this course, an RBT can assist in delivering behaviour analysis services under the direction and close monitoring of a supervisor or coordinator.

The certifications and training programs Sanad offers include:

The ABA Foundation Certificate course: A 20-hour training course giving an overview of Applied Behaviour Analysis and its principles

The Registered Behaviour Technician credential: A 40-hour training course providing workshops on the necessary skills of RBT.



Sanad Village prides itself on bilateral community engagement. We help our children assimilate within society and we also help key workers and front-line community members to learn how to interact with People of Determination. Our placement programme offers staff training to corporate and government institutions, helping with our overall goal of impactful inclusion.