We achieve this through our three core programs, depending on the age of your child, in combination with various therapies. Our therapists follow techniques set out by Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) in a group/classroom-like setting. Each program offers different various age-appropriate activities to keep your child stimulated while learning new skills. Each classroom has a ratio of six students to three ABA therapists ensuring focused and specialised care for each individual. If deemed necessary, a student may have their own ABA therapist whilst still remaining amongst their peers in the classroom.


We are committed to understanding the condition and approaching it in a holistic way that maximizes the potential of each and every child.


Integrative Medicine

Our integrative medicine platform observes a child from a biomedical and biochemical perspective. Functional Medicine approaches the individual and is more concerned with who the patient is and how they are functioning rather than the disease itself.


Therapeutic approaches at Sanad Village work in tandem with each other under a shared protocol for each child, thus maximising the benefit and long term effects of each specific therapy.


Assessment is an ongoing, continuous part of care at Sanad Village. All our therapists and specialists work in tandem with each other to monitor and optimise progression in a child's journey towards independence.

Vocation and Education

Through targeted educational programmes, which are individualised for specific needs, every child at Sanad Village is enabled to reach their fullest potential. We provide simulations of real life situations and, for capable adolescents and young adults Sanad Village helps to provide real life vocational experience.


Sanad Village offers a variety of training programs and workshops to enable professionals such as teachers and therapists to increase their knowledge and expertise, to empower learning support assistants, and to offer an invaluable lifeline to parents and other care givers.