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Sanad Village located in the Sustainable City where inclusion is promoted from the both sides. Students of Sanad village are always welcomed in participating in the community activities, sport competitions and life experience routine such as shopping, going to restaurants, going to play areas and interacting with other members of the community. Sanad Village as well has collaborations with other institutions that support inclusion.
Vocational Job Placement Program

Our Vocational Job Placement Program is designed to prepare our students for meaningful employment opportunities and foster their independence. We collaborate with local businesses and organizations to provide hands-on vocational training and job placement services. Through this program, students gain valuable work experience, learn essential job skills, and work towards achieving their career goals. Our Client Relations Manager is available to assist with job placement and ensure a smooth transition into the workforce.

Mainstream School Inclusion Program
Our Mainstream School Inclusion Program is dedicated to facilitating the transition of our students into mainstream educational settings. We work closely with local schools to create individualized inclusion plans that support a student’s successful integration into a typical classroom environment. Our team provides necessary support, and guidance to both students and their mainstream school educators to ensure a seamless educational experience.
Community Inclusion Program

In our Community Inclusion Program, students have the opportunity to engage in community activities and events. We believe that community involvement is essential for building social skills and fostering a sense of belonging. Through this program, students participate in various community outings, volunteer opportunities, and social events, allowing them to connect with their peers and build relationships within the broader community.

Supervision Services

Supervision services are provided to ensure the safety and well-being of our students in various settings. Whether it’s during community outings, job placements, or mainstream school integration, our dedicated staff members offer supervision and support to ensure a positive and secure experience for our students.

Learning Support Assistance Services

Our Learning Support Assistance Services are designed to provide additional academic support to students who may require it. This support is tailored to the individual needs and goals of each student. Our experienced educators work closely with students to reinforce their learning, address challenges, and encourage academic progress.

At Sanad Village, we believe that inclusion is a fundamental right, and our inclusion services are an integral part of our commitment to promoting independence, empowerment, and community engagement for all our students. We work collaboratively with students, families, and the broader community to create a supportive and inclusive environment where everyone can reach their full potential.

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