Assessment is an ongoing, continuous part of care at Sanad Village. All our therapists and specialists work in tandem with each other to monitor and optimise progression in a child’s journey towards independence.

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Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy at Sanad Village is completely patient-centered and provides high quality, evidence-based assessment and treatment for individuals with various diagnoses or conditions. Occupational Therapy promotes independence in areas of self care, which include dressing, showering, using the bathroom as well as productivity at school, work or at play and sensory integration. Occupational therapists at Sanad Village adopt a strengths-based approach to intervention, utilising a child’s motivation to achieve expected outcomes.


Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy begins with evaluations that include analysis of language, speech and hearing as well as observation of medical history and swallow results. Upon diagnosis sessions will be conducted for individuals to improve speech and language skills.



Children with ASD may achieve early gross motor milestones such as sitting, crawling and independent walking within the expected timeframes, but the quality of their movements may be immature when compared to their peers.

These early motor skills provide the foundation for the development of later motor skills which require more refined and sophisticated movement control. As a result, children with ASD may struggle to master higher level motor skills. Physiotherapy can help improve motor skills from a young age.



Psychology services at Sanad Village are focused on assessing and evaluating those who are experiencing intellectual and developmental disabilities, behavioural difficulties and social or emotional difficulties. The psychologist works with a child individually as well as the whole family in order to understand and support the child’s social and emotional needs, cognitive development, behaviour, and emotional well-being.


Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA)

ABA refers to a set of principles that focus on how behaviours change, or are affected by the environment, as well as how learning takes place. The ultimate goal of our ABA team of specialists is to establish and improve socially important behaviours which include academic, social, communication, and daily living skills.