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Sanad requires the following documents to be sent via email to the admission department before the first initial appointment and screening and to complete registration: 


  • Copy of student and parent’s identification (Emirates ID/Visa and Passport Copy). 
  • 2x recent passport size photo 
  • Copy of student’s Insurance card 
  • Copy of student’s medical report confirming diagnosis (if available) 
  • Copy of student’s recent school/therapy reports (if available). 
  • Completed parent input form 
  • Copy of caregiver’s identification and consent form in case they will be engaging with the student at Sanad such as picking up, dropping off or participating in events etc. 

The service agreement is a contract between Sanad Village and parents that states a clear description of the types of services to be provided by Sanad Village. Important information is included such as the rights and responsibilities of both the parent/legal guardian and Sanad and the fees related to the program. The service agreement governs the provisions of our delivery of service. Once the agreement is signed by both parties it cannot be altered until the next service agreement renewal. 

You may share your feedback and concerns with your family support coordinator (their contact details will be shared on page 5) via phone call or preferably email. If you have any complaints, you may send this to and we will try our very best to resolve the issue in a timely manner.

At pick-up and drop-off, you will be meeting with your child’s therapist and during this time parents may wish to have a brief conversation regarding how their child’s overall day went. However, for the purpose of maintaining student’s confidentiality, if parents have any requests or concerns, we strongly urge you to raise this up with your family support coordinator so that your request is dealt with through the proper channels. Or you may communicate directly with your child’s therapist on Hi Rasmus, so any questions or concerns you may have will be addressed appropriately. 

If you would like to stop or add certain services whilst your child is part of Sanad’s Integrated Therapy Classroom, your request should be raised to your family support coordinator. Your request will be reviewed, and we will revert back to you for any needed discussion. 

The purchased therapy package must be completed until the end of term – the package payment is non-refundable and can’t be exchanged with other types of therapy. If services are being added on, this will be according to availability of the therapist(s). 

Yes, parents may request to set a meeting or phone-call with the specialists upon availability. If parents wish to have their child’s progress report and meeting before the assigned period for progress meetings to take place (over the holiday breaks), this will be chargeable. 

Sanad Village does not use a specific curriculum. The basis of all our programs is upon the principles and techniques of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA). Each student has their own individualized integrated therapy plan, and the specialists work according to the child’s goals and needs. Each program uses standardized assessments and bases the student’s plan off their results. 

There is a general timetable and routine in terms of group activities, meal times and workshop activities etc. However, each child will have the opportunity to do individualized activities with the therapists in alignment with their set goals and targets according to their individualized plan. 

At Sanad, we group our students based on age and similarity in skills for your child to thrive and learn from their peers. Furthermore, after the ITP assessment, this will make classroom arrangements clearer in terms of which students will be placed together in the same classroom.

It is difficult to be able to tell exactly when a child can be transitioned into mainstream school as every child develops and reaches their goals at their own speed. Upon the recommendation of the BCBA, Sanad facilitates the inclusion process in several ways depending on the student’s progress and readiness for school. Once the BCBA is confident about your child’s readiness, with the support of the parent and the chosen school, the student will gradually be transitioned to school. This transition can start off with part time attendance, full time integration or social inclusion.

Yes, parents can bring in decorations, but food will not be allowed due to ensuring student’s safety in case of any allergies. If you wish, you may bring food, and this will be distributed amongst the staff. Goody bags are not allowed to be distributed.

Yes, upon request. We do not do direct billing, but we are able to provide you with the necessary reimbursement form. For charity organizations, we can provide you with a proposal from Sanad detailing your child’s recommended program and fee structure.

The program does not run during the vacation period; however, your family support coordinator will inform you of any camps that will be running. Students taking Speech, Occupational or Physiotherapy will still be able to attend sessions during the breaks. Therapy sessions (Speech and Language, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy and ABA) are charged separately over the breaks.

Yes, Sanad village will periodically be holding various parent engagement sessions where parents will have the chance to meet and interact with one another. You will be informed of these events throughout the program.

If you would like to check on the status of your child’s transportation, please call your family support coordinator as the bus driver cannot tend to calls from parents whilst driving. Your family support coordinator will be able to give you the status of your child while on the bus. If there are any delays in the pick-up or drop-off, parents will be informed immediately.

Sanad does not offer any late-pickup options or services. The Integrated Classroom Therapy program timings are 8:00am – 2:00pm (Monday to Thursday) and 8:00am – 12:30pm (Fridays). We expect students to arrive on time to ensure optimal benefit from the program and least disruption to the student’s schedule. Any time missed due to being late cannot be compensated. For delayed pick up (after the above-mentioned pick-up time) you may be charged AED 250 per hour. If you will be a few minutes late, please give a courteous call to the admin team to inform them.

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